Course Distribution in Each Semester

No. Course Code Course Credit Mandatory (M)/

Elective (E)

Lecture (L)/

Labwork (LW)/

Final Project (FP)

Semester I
1. TKK211110 Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation 4 M L
2. TKK211111 General Chemistry 2 M L
3. TKK211112 Organic Chemistry 3 M L
4. TKK211113 Mathematics 4 M L
5. TKK211114 Physics 4 M L
6. TKK211227 Machine Element and Engineering Drawing 2 M L
7. UNU212130 Digital Transformation 2 M L
    Total 21    
Semester II
1. TKK211220 Physical Chemistry 3 M L
2. TKK211221 Material Analysis Labwork 2 M LW
3. TKK211222 Materials of Construction for Chemical Engineering 2 M L
4. TKK211223 Fundamental of Bioprocess 3 M L
5. TKK211224 Electrical Power Engineering 2 M L
6. TKK211225 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 1 3 M L
7. TKK211226 Engineering Concept for Civilization 2 M L
8. TKK212246 Prime Movers 2 M L
    Total 19    
Semester III
1. TKK212241 Chemical Industrial Processes 2 M L
2. TKK212130 Chemical Process Labwork 3 M LW
3. TKK212131 Chemical Engineering Principles 2 M L
4. TKK212132 Applied Mathematics in Chemical Engineering 4 M L
5. TKK212133 Material Transport and Storage 4 M L
6. TKK212134 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 2 3 M L
7. TKK212135 Engineering Economics 3 M L
    Total 21    
Semester IV
1. TKK212240 Transfer Processes 3 M L
2. TKK212242 Particulate Processing 3 M L
3. TKK212243 Numerical Methods 2 M L
4. TKK212244 Computation Laboratory work 2 M LW
5. TKK212245 Stage-Wise Separation Processes 4 M L
6. UNU211110 State Ideology 2 M L
7. UNU211111 Civics 2 M L
8. UNU212210 Indonesian Language 2 M L
9. UNU214170 Religion 2 M L
    Total 22    
Semester V
1. TKK213149 Mathematical Modeling 2 M L
2. TKK213151 Heat and Mass Transfer Operation 3 M L
3. TKK213152 Heat Transfer 3 M L
4. TKK213153 Chemical Reaction Engineering 1 3 M L
5. TKK213154 Unit Operation Laboratory work 3 M LW
6. TKK213157 Scientific Method 1 M L
7. TKK213156 Process Simulation and System Optimization 2 M L; LW
8.   Elective Course 1 2 E L
    Total 19    
Semester VI
1. TKK213260 Product Engineering 2 M L
2. TKK213261 Water and Wastewater Treatment 2 M L
3. TKK213262 Process Control 3 M L
4. TKK213263 Chemical Reaction Engineering 2 3 M L
5. TKK213264 Research 1 2 M FP
6. TKK213265 Utilization and Conservation of Natural Resources 2 M L
7. UNU213260 Student Community Services 3 M FP
8.   Elective Course 2 2 E L
    Total 19    
Semester VII
1. TKK214170 Chemical Plant Design 3 M L
2. TKK214171 Management 2 M L
3. TKK214172 Entrepreneurship 2 M L
4. TKK214173 Research 2 1 M FP
5. TKK214174 Comprehensive Written Examination 1 M L
6. TKK214175 Chemical Process Safety 2 M L
7.   Elective Course 3 2 E L
    Total 13    
Semester VIII
1. TKK214280 Plant Design Project 4 M FP
2. TKK214281 Industrial Placement 2 M FP
3.   Elective Course 4 2 E L
4.   Elective Course 5 2 E L
    Total 10    


List of Elective Courses

No. Special Interests Course Code Elective Course
I. Natural Products Engineering and Bioprocess


TKK213110 Natural Product Preservation and Application
TKK213211 Applied Bioprocess
TKK214112 Natural Product Separation and Purification
TKK214213 Industrial Food Processing
TKK214214 Selected Topics in Natural Products Engineering and Bioprocess
II. Energy


TKK213115 Non-renewable Energy
TKK213216 Energy Management and Conservation
TKK214117 Renewable Energy
TKK214218 Energy Utilization
TKK214219 Selected Topics in Energy
III. Safety, Health and Environment TKK213120 Cleaner Production
TKK213221 Waste Treatment Technology
TKK214122 Industrial Risk Analysis
TKK214223 Process Safety and Environmental Management
TKK214224 Selected Topics in Safety, Health and Environment
IV. Process Modelling and Computation TKK213125 Advanced Computer Programming
TKK213226 Fluid Dynamics in Chemical Engineering
TKK214127 Advanced Mathematical Modelling
TKK214128 Process Modelling and System Dynamics
TKK214229 Computer-Aided Process Design
TKK214230 Selected Topics in Process Modelling and Computation
V. Material Engineering and Advanced Technology


TKK213131 Polymer Technology
TKK213132 Ceramics Technology
TKK213233 Advanced Engineering Material
TKK213234 Composite Technology
TKK214135 Electrochemical Technology
TKK214236 Enhanced Equilibrium Separation
TKK214237 Selected Topics in Material Engineering and Advanced Technology
VI. Mineral Processing TKK213138 Industrial Minerals
TKK213139 Mineral Materials Characterization
TKK213240 Ore Beneficiation Technology
TKK213241 Hydrometallurgy
TKK214142 Pyrometallurgy
TKK214243 Flotation
TKK214244 Selected Topics in Mineral Processing