PO Achievement of Undergraduate Study Program

List of Program Outcomes of Undergraduate Chemical Engineering, UGM

PO Number PO statement PO keywords
1 An ability to apply basic sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), mathematics, material sciences and chemical engineering fundamentals in solving chemical engineering problems) Fundamental concept
2 An ability to develop substantiated conclusions, engineering decisions, and alternative of solutions on complex chemical engineering problems based on scientific knowledge, creativity/innovation, and chemical engineering first principles. Innovative and creative
3 An ability to apply the basics of process engineering which include product engineering and process design to meet a certain product specification by always upholding health, safety, economic, welfare, environmental sustainability, global and societal as well as cultural harmony. Design and safety
4 An ability to design and conduct experiments, and also to collect, analyze, and interpret the data to support engineering judgment. Analytical and data interpretation
5 An ability to utilize appropriate techniques, information technology, and modern engineering tools to support engineering practices. ICT and modern engineering tools
6 Understanding of natural resource potentials based on material behaviors and properties and its sustainable utilization for the benefits of mankind. Natural resources
7 Commitment to uphold values, attitudes, and ethics of professional chemical engineers. Ethics and attitude
8 An ability to function effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to strengthen leadership, establish goals, plan, accomplish and evaluate tasks under given constraints Team work
9 An ability to effectively deliver ideas both orally as well as in written within engineering community and also within the society at large. Communication
10 Sufficient basics for continuous self-developments and following contemporary issues. Contemporary issues and self-development
1. Mapping LO-PO

Mapping LO-PO can be accessed here


2. Final Project Portfolio: Assessment period 2021-2022
Final Projects Program Outcomes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Student Community Services v v v v v v v
Research Project 1 v v v v v v v v v
Research Project 2 v v v v
Plant Design Project (Semester 8) v v v v v v v v v
Industrial Placement (Semester 8) v v v v v v v v


3. Tracer Study
PO Keywords Grade Distribution in percentage Follow up remarks
Excellent Good Fair
1 Fundamental concept 64.65% 35.35% 0.00%
2 Innovative and creative 50.51% 44.44% 5.05%
3 Design and safety 54.55% 43.43% 2.02%
4 Analytical and data interpretation 52.53% 42.42% 5.05%
5 ICT and modern engineering tools 52.53% 42.42% 5.05%
6 Natural resources 56.57% 43.43% 0.00%
7 Ethics and attitude 54.55% 43.43% 2.02%
8 Team work 70.71% 28.28% 1.01%
9 Communication 70.71% 28.28% 1.01%
10 Contemporary issues and self-development 39.39% 59.60% 1.01%