PO Achievement of Undergraduate Study Program

List of Program Outcomes of Undergraduate Chemical Engineering, UGM

PO Number PO statement PO keywords
1 An ability to apply basic sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), mathematics, and chemical engineering fundamentals in solving a range of chemical engineering problems that include open ended problems Fundamental concept
2 An ability to develop substantiated conclusions, engineering decisions, and alternative of solutions on complex chemical engineering problems based on scientific knowledge, creativity/innovation, and chemical engineering first principles. Innovative and creative
3 An ability to apply the basics of process engineering which include product engineering and process design to meet a certain product specification or to solve chemical engineering problems by always upholding safety, environmental sustainability, and societal as well as cultural harmony. Design and safety
4 An ability to design and conduct experiments, and also to collect, analyze, and interpret the data to solve engineering problems or to support product or process development. Analytical and data interpretation
5 An ability to utilize most appropriate techniques, resources including information technology, and modern engineering tools including prediction, modeling, and application software to support the making of engineering decision. ICT and modern engineering tools
6 Understanding of material behaviors and properties based on knowledge of macrostructure, microstructure and also materials compositions Material behavior
7 Understanding of natural resource potentials and its sustainable utilization for the benefits of mankind. Natural resources
8 Commitment to uphold values, attitudes, and ethics of professional chemical engineers Ethics and attitude
9 An ability to function effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams as a member or a leader. Team work
10 An ability to effectively deliver ideas both orally as well as in written within engineering community and also within the society at large. Communication
11 An ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basics of economic evaluations as a base for project feasibility appraisal Economics
12 Sufficient basics for continuous self-developments and following contemporary issues. Contemporary issues and self-development

1. Mapping LO-PO

Mapping LO-PO can be accessed here

2. Final Project Portfolio: Assessment period 2017-2018

Relationship of Final Projects to the Program Outcomes

Final Projects Program Outcomes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Student Community Services v v v v v v
Research Project 1 v v v v v v v v v
Research Project 2 v v v
Plant Design Project (Semester 8) v v v v v v v v v v v v
Industrial Placement (Semester 8) v v v v v v v v v

3. Tracer Study

Two type of tracer studies are performed via questionnaire and survey, i.e.

  1. supervisor in the industry during the industrial placement project
  2. user of the graduates.

Grade Distribution and Follow-up Remarks for Improvement Based on Tracer Study Results

PO Keywords Grade Distribution in percentage Follow up remarks
Excellent Good Fair
1 Fundamental concepts 72.31 27.69 0.00 Good. To be maintained.
2 Innovative and Creative 38.46 58.46 3.08 To introduce and give more real industry cases content in the class.
3 Design and safety 53.85 43.08 3.08 To emphasize the importance of working standard and safety in
4 Analytical and data interpretation 49.23 47.69 3.08
5 ICT and modern engineering tools 58.14 41.86 0.00 To incorporate more assignments using various modern engineering tools
6 Material behavior 58.46 41.54 0.00 Good. To be maintained.
7 Natural resources 58.46 41.54 0.00
8 Ethics and attitude 79.07 16.28 4.65 To include ethics and morality as embedded learning in every course
9 Team work 63.89 31.48 4.63 To incorporate more group assignment and team work in various learning activities.
10 Communication 61.11 32.41 6.48 To create interactive classes, encourage more group, presentation assignment and also English communication for various learning activities.
11 Economics Not applicable
12 Contemporary issue and self-developments 52.78 44.44 2.78 To encourage students to follow various activities and competition outside university for their self-learning.