Dr. Jonas Kristanto, S.T.
E-mail: kristanto.jonas@ugm.ac.id
Originally from Jakarta, Jonas moved to Yogyakarta in 2014 after completing high school in SMAK 3 Penabur Jakarta. Between 2014-2018, he studied bachelor program of chemical engineering at UGM. After obtaining his bachelor degree in 2018, he had a 6-and-a-half-month stint in PT Bukitmega Masabadi as a technical engineer. In 2019, he came back to Yogyakarta to continue his study in Master and Doctoral program of Chemical Engineering at UGM. For his Master and Doctoral study, he received Pendidikan Magister menuju Doktor untuk Sarjana Unggul (PMDSU) scholarship which enabled him to complete his PhD in 4 years in UGM. His PhD research topic investigated the kinetics of catalytic pyrolysis of biomass. In addition, he also joined various industrial projects in the area of life cycle assessment, big data processing, digitalization for chemical industry and other projects in environmental topics. After the completion of his PhD in 2023, he joined as a faculty member at the Department of Chemical Engineering, UGM. He teaches various courses such as computer programming, thermodynamics and water conservation and pollution prevention in undergraduate and master programs at UGM.
  • Chemical reaction engineering
  • Computer modeling & programming
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Emission control for industry